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About App
Ballwool is social network marketplace, where you can:
Find what you like
Find your favorite bloggers, influencers and artisans
Buy products directly in the app, without going to other sites
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower every influencers and craftsmen to become more popular and make their business more successful. Our mission is to popularize handmade, to give craftsmen the opportunity to reach a large audience. And also to make for buyers a convenient and interesting place for shopping and communication
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Start selling
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For investor
We are looking for investments to implement the following ideas:
Ballwool.Media will allow users to publish video content and make online broadcasts, this will make our platform more interesting. We will also introduce a new rating system that will allow us to show users more relevant content
Instant call
The instant call service will allow users to create audio and video calls. In addition, it will implement new functions in the field of online communication.
Creating a system that allows brands to collaborate with bloggers will give businesses new opportunities for expansion
The ability to pay for purchases directly on the site
3D fitting room
Implementing this idea will open up new possibilities in online shopping and make it even easier. Buyers will be able to see in advance how the clothes will look on them
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