Trashion is one of a category that has been added to our application


The term is formed from two words - trash and fashion. These are clothes, shoes, or accessories made from waste. In this case, the garbage can be anything - from old jeans to plastic bottles. The main principle of trashion is not to throw anything away at all, and to make the reuse of things not only practical, but also aesthetic

#ballwool #sellonballwool #recycle #handmade #nature Another update
We added new categories, as well as made it possible to search for products by subcategories and update the product search page

The update is already available on Google play

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update We've updated the app for sellers and added the function of attaching videos to products. The maximum video size is limited to 25MB. 

The update is already available on Google play

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update We recently updated our website to make it more minimalistic. You can see how the site looked before using the link ballwool.com/old, as well as take part in a survey in our telegram channel about whether the site has become better.
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#ballwool #sellonballwool #update If you decide to open a store on Ballwool, then before that we advise you to read a special tutorial for sellers, which explains how to create a store, how to publish products and posts, and how to process orders. Link in bio

#ballwool #sellonballwool #tutorial Ballwool connects people from all over the world

Find your favorite bloggers, influencers and artisans. Subscribe, chat, follow their news

Find interesting and trendy products and buy them directly in the app, without going to other sites or leaving the application

Do you want to find something unique? Use search. Find shops from different countries or find handmade goods

View products in a new large format

Everything in one place, in one application

#ballwool #sellonballwool #startup #marketplace #IT Expand your business with Ballwool. Create a store in one click and start promoting your brand and selling products. It won't cost you anything as it's free. Ballwool will provide you with a new way to sell products. Ballwool is not just a marketplace, it is also a social network. Create content, attract customers, expand with Ballwool 

Google play Sell on Ballwool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ballwool.management 

#ballwool #sellonballwool #IT #marketplace #business #startup #handmade Начните свой бизнес c Ballwool прямо сейчас. Наше приложение позволит вам практически в один клик создать свой магазин и сразу же начать продавать товары, при этом вам не нужно иметь собственный интернет-магазин. Все, что вам нужно сделать, это загрузить приложение "Sell on Ballwool" из Google Play, зарегистрироваться в приложении и разместить свои товары. Приложение бесплатное. Начните свой бизнес сейчас, в это трудное время.

Google Play Sell on Ballwool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ballwool.management

Start your business with Ballwool now. Our application will allow you to create your own store in almost one click and immediately start selling products, while for this you do not need to have your own online store. All you need to do is download the "Sell on Ballwool" app from Google play, register in the app and place your products. The app is free. Start your business now, at this difficult time.

Google play Sell on Ballwool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ballwool.management

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update #IT #marketplace #business #startup #handmade Dear Friends, in the future we plan to introduce a new way of communication between users in our application, since this is a very cool and technologically advanced way, we cannot tell about it now, but you can help us and then this function will appear earlier. To do this, register and publish your content. Start using now, bring the future closer

Sell on Ballwool: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ballwool.management

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update #IT #marketplace #business #startup #handmade Dear friends
Our project requires a certain amount of content in the form of publications and products in order for us to launch the second part of the application for buyers. In order to do this, we decided to stimulate you to publish content and for this we will offer the first 300 stores benefits and privileges in the future.

Please help us make our product better

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update #IT #marketplace #business #startup #handmade Update
We have done some work to improve our application.
You can now add hashtags to posts, and the security of our app has been improved.
For our part, we do our best to make it as convenient as possible for you to work in our application. We would be grateful if you become a Ballwool seller if you haven't already.

If you have any problems or questions after the update, write to us, we will definitely answer

Android app: Sell on Ballwool

#ballwool #sellonballwool #update #IT #marketplace #business #startup #handmade The fourth part of the articles is devoted to the main advantage of the application - it is messaging. By becoming a seller on Ballwool, you will be able to communicate with customers. All your dialogs will be clearly structured, for each order there is a separate dialog from which you can go to the order, this is very convenient when you need to remember what a person ordered. In addition, you will have a separate dialogue for normal communication with the buyer, where you can answer the questions that interest him. 

To make this all meaningful and work 100%, we need content that will interest buyers. And in this we need your help, help us fill the application with content and then our application will help you in your business.

 #ballwool #sellonballwool #marketplace #business #startup #handmade The Sell on Ballwool app is completely free.

#ballwool #sellonballwool #marketplace #business #startup #handmade We already have 5 downloads of the app on google play. Thank you very much @promocionatemx @cira.mic for your help

#ballwool #sellonballwool #marketplace #business #startup #handmade In the second part, we will look at how to add a personalalizable product to a storefront. A personalizable product is a product that can have various options, for example, if you are selling a T-shirt, then one of the options may be its size or color, and when buying such a T-shirt, the buyer will be able to choose the size that suits him/her and the color that he/she likes. 
To create a personalizable product, you need to click on the checkmark that the product is personalizable and after that you can add options. You can indicate the name of the option, whether it is required to fill out or not, and also choose one of two types of options. The first type is a text field, the buyer will be able to write any text in it, in the case of a T-shirt it can be, for example, its color. The second type is “switch”, the point is that the buyer can choose only one option from the ones offered, for example, the size of a T-shirt, you can also specify a surcharge for the goods for this type of option. 
Thus, at Ballwool you can sell personalized goods. 
#ballwool #sellonballwool #marketplace #business #startup #handmade In this article we will talk about how to add goods to your storefront. At Ballwool, you can sell both personalized and non-personalized products. In this article we will consider the second type of goods. 
To add an item, do the following: 
1. Indicate the name of the product 
2. Indicate the category 
3. Describe your product. For example, what it's made of, how it's made, and much more 
4. Specify keywords 
5. Indicate the price 
Then you need to specify the information necessary for calculating delivery: dimensions in cm and weight in kg. You can also indicate that you are delivering for free within your country or for free worldwide shipping. 
After that you can upload product photos (no more than 5 photos, aspect ratio 4:5) 
After you specify everything, click on the button with a checkmark at the top of the screen, and your product will be added.
#ballwool #sellonballwool #marketplace #business #startup To become a seller at Ballwool you must create a store. When creating a store, you must provide the following information: 
1. Name of shop 
2. Logo (512 × 512 pixels, 1:1 aspect ratio) 
3. Description. Tell us about your store and yourself. 
4. Terms of delivery, payment, return and exchange of goods. This information will be useful to the consumer. 
5. Country and shipping address. Users can see only the country, the dispatch address will be used to calculate the shipping cost. 
6. Email to which notifications will come (you can specify the email that was specified during registration). 7. The currency in which you will indicate prices, be careful, because after creating the store you will not be able to change the currency. 
After you have indicated everything, you can click on the checkmark button and your store will be successfully created.

#ballwool #marketplace #business #startup #sellonballwool #handmade We have created a series of small recordings in which we will talk about how to become a seller on Ballwool.

#ballwool #marketplace #business #startup #sellonballwool #handmade Ballwool is a social network marketplace, a new way of shopping and a completely new way of doing business. Ballwool is a place of creative people who are ready to change the world and create something new every day.
Start selling on Ballwool because it's free
#ballwool #marketplace #business #startup #sellonballwool