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November 30, 2022, 10:28 AM
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Turkish Goat's Milk Cheese, Aged Two Years | Feta Cheese | Cheese Gift | Goat Cheese | Ezine Goat Milk Cheese

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Our Ezine cheese is medium hard textured and two years aged. Even a small piece of it will leave a delicious taste in your mouth. You can use it in all kinds of pizza and serve as an appetizer with greens, spices, lavash, taco, and in other recipes like fritters, cakes, bun, etc. You can pair it also with our delicious walnuts. It also makes a perfect pairing with white wine. Ezine-type feta cheese, or by its short name Ezine cheese, is a matured full-fat feta cheese from Turkey. Ezine, which is classified as soft or medium-hard textured, is one of the finest types of white cheese consumed in Turkey. The production of Ezine cheese is similar to the production of other white cheeses, but the milk used consists of 70% goat, 20% sheep, and 10% cow milk. No starter culture is used during construction.
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