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October 21, 2022, 04:30 PM
October 21, 2022, 04:30 PM

SOVIET Russian Toy model of AN-24 aircraft for gluing An-24 AEROFLOT plane from the ussr

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Model of the Soviet aircraft AN-24 for gluing on a stand. New in packaging The assembled model of the AN - 24 aircraft. Produced at the Moscow toy factory "Krugozor" in the 70s-80s An-24 is a passenger turboprop aircraft for short and medium-haul lines. The An-24 made its first flight on October 20, 1959. serial production of the aircraft began in early 1962 and continued until 1979. More than 1200 cars were produced. The An-24 was also produced in China under the name Y-7. Crew: 3-5 people. passenger capacity: 48-52 people. Carrying capacity: 6500 kg. Flight range: 2000 km. Cruising speed: 450 km / h.
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