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September 10, 2022, 08:40 AM
September 10, 2022, 08:40 AM

Soviet Military Poster 1988 Outfit and preparation of the guard Original Russian Military Poster Soldier Instructions

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Original Russian Soviet poster, in very good condition, no tears. Moscow Military Publishing House 1988 Size 550x430 mm Poster text The training of the personnel of the guard assigned from the company (battery) is organized by the commander of the company (battery) and is carried out by him personally, the guard assigned from the battalion (division) - personally by the commander of the battalion (division), and the guard appointed from the military unit, by one of deputy commander of the unit. A lesson on the study of the provisions of the statutes and the special duties of sentries is held in the classroom for the training of guards on the day preceding the entry into the outfit. A practical lesson on working out the actions of sentries at posts is held at the guard town on the day of entering the guard. The commanders of the military units and subunits from which guards are appointed are responsible for the selection of guard personnel and their preparation for service, for the good condition of weapons and live ammunition, and for the timely arrival of guards for disengagement. On the day of joining the outfit at the hours specified in the daily routine, the guard personnel must be given at least three hours of time to prepare for service, conduct practical exercises and rest (sleep). The foreman of the company (battery) announces the appointment to the guard at the evening verification on the eve of the day of entering the guard. In personal preparation for the outfit, you need to put your uniform and shoes in order, shave, change collars.
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