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September 05, 2022, 09:43 AM
September 05, 2022, 09:43 AM

Amateur Retro Movie Camera Quartz Vintage Movie Camera Film 16mm Soviet Made 1960

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Handmade product
The film camera "Quartz" is designed for a wide range of film enthusiasts and can be used for filming amateur, scientific, educational, documentary and other films by tourists, hunters, sportsmen. MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Film used 16 mm (2x8) perforated, reversible, black and white or color, packaged 10m on a standard reel. Stock of film in a reel, m 7.5 Frame size mm 3.6X4.8 Number of shots per reel 2000 Lens "Neva-1" or "Jupiter-24>> Focal length, mm 12 Relative aperture 1:1.9 The lens is fixed in the camera Shooting speeds: 8 frames / sec. 16 frames/sec. 32 frames/sec. COMPLETENESS The Quartz film camera set includes: 1. Film camera with a lens "Neva-1" or "Jupiter-24>> 12 / 1: 1.9 and a pick-up coil 2. Light filter ZhZS-5 in a frame 3. Light filter ZhS-12 in a frame 4. Mounted lenses in frames with the designation "0.3-0.5" "0.5-0.8" "0.8-2.3" 5. Trigger cable TS-160 6. Handle (for film rewind) 7. Case with shoulder strap 12. Description and passport
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