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August 31, 2022, 04:55 PM
August 31, 2022, 04:55 PM

Vintage Magazine from the Soviet Union Ogonyok Russian Propaganda Magazine #1 1968

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Ogonyok is a weekly illustrated magazine that gained nationwide popularity in the USSR. Awarded with the Order of Lenin. The central office is located in Moscow. As a gift, you can receive a scanned version of the magazine in PDF (on request) Other magazines and posters of the Soviet era§ion_id=31389052 Contrary to popular belief (which can even be found on the magazine's website), Ogonyok has been published not since April 1, 1923, or even since December 1899, but since 1879. But, having existed for only four years, the journal was closed for the first time during the reforms in 1883, and resumed in 1899 as an appendix to the Birzhevye Vedomosti. In tsarist times, almost the entire place in the magazine was occupied by artistic stories and photographs. Closed again in 1918 as an anti-Soviet publication, the issue was resumed on the initiative of M. Koltsov in 1923. In Soviet times, the magazine was published by the Pravda publishing house, which, as an appendix to the magazine, also published the Ogonyok Library - collections of works by domestic and foreign classics. Ogonyok collective headed by Vladimir Vigilyansky (chairman of the council of the labor collective) and Vitaly Korotich In subsequent years, the magazine was corporatized and changed owners several times. 31 pages Typography of the newspaper Pravda Moscow 1968 The magazine was published in Russian Cover by artist Y. CHEREPANOV
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