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December 09, 2022, 05:36 PM
December 09, 2022, 05:36 PM

Set of Soviet RUBLES 4 pcs Warrior Liberator Lenin SOVIET Russian COINS of the 60s

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Commemorative coins of the USSR represent a whole era of the country Soviets, which lasted almost three quarters of a century and radically changed the balance of power around the world. In 1923, the State Bank was formed in the Soviet Union, which, until the last 1991, carried out the admission of coins, both ordinary and commemorative. Jubilee coins served to fix memorable dates, historical facts and events in the minds of Soviet citizens, were collectibles and original works of art. The main material for minting such coins was a copper-nickel alloy, but since mid-1977, it has also been practiced to make coins from silver, palladium, gold and platinum. The most common denomination of Soviet commemorative coins is 1 ruble. Since 1987, collectible coins in denominations of five and three rubles have appeared. Today you can buy commemorative coins of the USSR in a large assortment. I do not restore old products I do not make changes to items of the Soviet era All products I sell are original Product photos may differ from the original Any problems with the product (cracks, scuffs, chips), I always publish in the listing. I will be happy to answer your questions regarding my products Feel free to write and ask questions. Thank you for visiting my store !! Worldwide shipment: Transportation is made to these countries: North America: United States, Canada, Mexico South America: Argentina, Brazil Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Iceland, Netherlands Asia: China, Japan, South Korea Australia You can contact us if your country is not on the above list. We will consider possible delivery options for you. From the date of payment sending is carried out within two working days. Expect the arrival of the parcel within approximately 10-30 working days.
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