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October 17, 2022, 03:53 AM
October 17, 2022, 03:53 AM

METRIC Family Name Growth Chart Ruler | Engraved Family Name Ruler | Wall Ruler | Rustic Ruler Measure 2 Meter Tall | Kids Height Ruler

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This beautifully engraved Metric Rustic Wall Ruler with family name is the perfect addition to keep track of a growing family. This is a project I have to say I'm really proud of. An instant conversation starter and makes for a wonderful gift. Buy our one-of-a-kind rustic ruler from today! When placing your order and the engraving is needed, please purchase an engraving and add a note in the order form with the SPECIFIC engraving needed so I know what to engrave. All engravings will be copied EXACTLY as written. If a “Family Name” engraving is chosen and you have added in your notes just a family name, the engraving will end up as “The _____ Family”. YES! The ruler is foldable for easy storage! We would all love for our children to be forever young, but once your child has grown and off to college you may want to store your beloved memories and eventually pass it down. This is why we make the ruler foldable! PLEASE NOTE: The ruler's PHYSICAL dimensions are as follows Height: 147 CM (58 inches) Width: 11.5 CM (4.5 inches) The ruler’s ENGRAVED measurements are as follows The engraving on the ruler starts just below the 60 CM mark making it’s way up to 210 CM~. The build process: The ruler is built in two pieces and is foldable for safe shipping and easy storage! The ruler's pieces are carefully stained with the stain of your choice and are clear coated then sanded down lightly with 220-320 grit sandpaper. The ruler then gets put onto a CNC which runs a design carefully made by me to ensure accuracy with every piece. I take the pieces off the CNC, cleaning it up, and sanding it down once again. Once inspected for accuracy and defects, the ruler gets assembled with a hinge to make it foldable. We add a final layer of clear coat, letting it dry before shipping it off. At the family, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best quality work delivered right to your front door. Our experienced craftsmen and women always inspect each order prior to shipping to ensure they mee
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