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September 13, 2022, 07:57 AM
September 13, 2022, 07:57 AM

Open erotic. Open panties. Open bra. Open lingerie. Set open lingerie.

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Handmade product
NEW !!!!! Hello, you are my favorite client. In my fashion boutique of erotic lingerie/handmade clothes. I present to you the latest news. Pack of 3: top/flower, open crotch panties, thong with tassel/pompom. This open sexy set consists of: open bra top/flower; Panties with an open crotch for intimacy; Thong with pompom/tassel. This erotic set with laces will impress your significant other. I am sure that the owner of this set will be delighted and leave only positive impressions. You can use this set for a swing party, or give it to a loved one, or send it as a gift to a bride or a bachelorette party. Since it is woven from hypoallergenic threads, it is non-toxic. Weaved by my hands - not China! Made in 1 quantity on the planet. The color of the set is bright green. He is very attractive and open to love pleasures. The bottom of the bikini opens up for sex. Lace-up so any size fits. The top is open for sex. Lace-up so any size fits. This pompom/tassel thong can be used as beach wear. Color may vary depending on monitor settings. Wash at 40 degrees. Playful outfits of women's erotic lingerie at the link:§ion_id=34504355 !!!!! Surprise your partner!!!!!! Order this gift. My store has a large selection of lingerie, swimming trunks, beach swimwear, erotic nobra lingerie. Choose for yourself and your loved ones. I can send several pieces in one parcel. Bright green The kit is ready to ship. I'm waiting for the recipient's address! With love, your Olha!!! If you like this set of 3, please buy it in your shopping cart. If you like it and want to buy this set in 3 - draw a heart.
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