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January 05, 2023, 05:57 PM
January 05, 2023, 05:57 PM

Jesmonite marble trays, Decorative Tray, Candle Holder Tray, Jewellery Dish, Hexagon Tray, Trinket Tray

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Handmade product
IMPORTANT: If you like a certain tray, but it is already sold, or you like the design, but want other colors, please write to me, I will make the product personally for you (the cost will not change). These trays can be used for storing or displaying candles, trinkets or as a place to keep your jewelry or keys. Made from Jesmonite – an eco-friendly, non-toxic, water based, acrylic resin. Please note: Each item is mixed, poured, sanded and sealed by hand. As a result, there can be irregularities and imperfections such as air bubbles. This does not affect the quality of the product. Colors are hand mixed and may differ slightly from piece to piece. To make the product more resistant to liquid and stains it is coated with mix of natural beeswax and coconut oil. It is not dishwasher safe, not for use with food and not intended as a surface for cutting. To clean, wipe with warm soapy water and dry immediately. Size: Hexagon Tray: L 11.5cm x W 11.5cm x H 1.5cm Square Tray: L 10cm x W 10cm x H 1.5cm Oval Tray: L 18cm x W 9.5cm x H 1.5cm Round Tray: Diameter 19cm x H 1.5cm Heart Dish: L 8.3cm x W 7cm x H 2.5cm Shell tray: L 12.5 cm x W 13cm Ring holder: Diam. 4.5 cm x H 6.5 cm Rectangular tray: L 25cm x W 18cm x H 2.5cm
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