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April 25, 2021, 09:34 PM
April 25, 2021, 09:34 PM

Portemonnaie damen, Geldbeutel, Geldborse damen

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Handmade product
Black leather zipper wallet. A lovely, minimalist leather wallet snake for women. It’s handmade from high quality leather. This beautiful, alligator wallet will attract money with its lucious color :) It is long wallet, so you can easily place it in your bag or backpack. The zipper at the front will keep it securely locked. The wallet is equipped with a large coin compartment located inside of the leather wallet. Compact design that holds 10 cards and paper money bills that looks slim wallet and elegant. This clutch wallet can to hold a Passport, phone, documents, bills, ID, keys and a couple of other little necessities. You can rest assured that the wallet will be a good gift for your wife or husband. It will be functional and will be a good souvenir for a sister or brother, or a gift for a colleague. It can be Travel wallet. You can use it like a clutch wallet. We will be happy to sew it for you. On the main foto - black. 🙂PLEASE, ALLOW US 5-7 DAYS TO FINISH AND SHIP YOUR WALLET🙂 ✔️SIZE✔️ 9,5х19,5cm 3,7”x7,7” High quality, thick and sturdy leather doesn’t really require any special treatment - it will serve you for many years to come. But in case you want to keep your belongings in extra great shape, we recommend that you apply water-resistant sprays to your bags or wallets during the rainy periods of the year. If you need to clean your leather - please use shoe foam, used to clean dirt of shoes, or cleaning wet napkins. If you want to make individual personalization on your wallet - write to us. We can add your initials to the items. Maximum 6 characters. You can write your name. 🖤We believe that our wallets bring good luck and wealth🖤
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