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Bendax "bendix" from worms - an Egyptian drug that has an antiparasitic effect: it can cleanse various kinds of parasites (worms, chlamydia, giardia, etc.). Bendax also has a general strengthening effect on the entire body.Composition and form of releaseThe drug is presented as a product of the Egyptian manufacturer SIGMA and is supplied to various countries.The tool is positioned as an anthelmintic containing medicinal herbs that have an antiparasitic effect.The drug is sold in the form of tablets.There are 6 of them in a standard package, each containing 200 mg of albendazole.Auxiliary components are macrogol 400, talc.Mechanism of action Albendazole as the main componentBendax, has an anthelmintic and antiprotozoal effect on parasites, regardless of their location. Indications for useThe drug is prescribed for the following infections:nematodes: pinworms, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms;cestodes: echinococcus, porcine, dwarf and bovine tapeworm;cestodes mixed helminthiases;protozoa: lamblia.Instructions for use The dosage of the drug is selected by the attending physician based on the age of the patient. A doctor's consultation is required! Children are advised to consume no more than 1 tablet per day after meals;Adults are advised to take 2 tablets daily in the morning and evening after meals;In the treatment of parasitic infections in adults, the dosage is increased to 2-3 tablets. The frequency of reception remains the same. It is necessary to take Bendax for 7-8 days. A second course of treatment is recommended no earlier than a month later. Side effects Usually the drug is well tolerated by patients. But prolonged use of the drug can cause the following undesirable reactions from the body: fever, fever; dizziness, weakness; allergy; Allergy increased blood pressure; dyspeptic disorders. In laboratory tests, the patient may experience an increase in liver enzymes, leukopenia and agranulocytosis. Contraindications Pregnancy. The drug is not recommended for women in position, since albendazole penetrates th
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