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COMPOUND: Palm pollen, honey, cider, turmeric, royal jelly, camel milk.   INDICATIONS FOR USE: - Autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay; - chronic headaches; - insomnia, weakness of human growth; - panic attacks; - infertility in men and women; - increases sexual activity; - increases the number of spermatozoa; - delays malignant and benign tumors; - diarrhea and upset, urinary incontinence; - gastric ulcer, gastritis, hair loss; - stabilizes blood pressure; - disease of the liver, joints; - heart disease, anemia, depression, stress; - enhances memory; - restores tissues and cells in the body; - Gives powerful resistance to infections;   APPLICATION: Infertility in men and women: Take a teaspoon in the morning in the evening and at night 3 times a day 40 minutes before meals, also take a bush al-Hindi. The diet excludes: sugar, yeast, soda, preservatives, salt, pickles, dairy.   FOR MEMORY: Take a teaspoon in the morning and evening and at bedtime, drink water.   LIVER AND KIDNEYS: Take 2 times a day - in the afternoon and in the evening half an hour before meals with water. Eliminate soda, preservatives, salt, sweets completely, stir and drink kyst-alhindi with honey.   PANIC ATTACKS-STRESS: Take 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening 40 minutes before meals with water. Diet - sugar, salt, soda to exclude. Course 3 banks.   Varan Umra FOR JOINTS AND LIVER: Take 3 times a day, morning, evening and night, a teaspoonful with water. Diet - eliminate sugar, yeast, soda, preservatives, fatty and fried foods.   HEART DISEASES: Take morning and evening a teaspoonful with water. Exclude fatty, fried, sugar, yeast, carbonated, salty.   FOR PREVENTION: Take morning and evening half an hour before meals, a teaspoonful with water.   After opening the jar, it must be stored in the refrigerator, as it contains milk.   How to use for children: From a year to 3 years, take 1 time per day before meals for 20 minutes, dilute half a teaspoon in a baby bottle and give the child 2 cans to drink during the day for a cour
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