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Ognevka bee tincture

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The tincture, which has healing properties, is made from an insect called ognevka bee. Ognevka parasitizes in bee hives, feeding on honey, wax, beeswax and honeycomb. Accumulating nutrients, insect larvae are very useful for human health. Since ancient times, tincture of wax fly has been used as a cure for many diseases. Tincture of ognevka "soft" contains only 10%, 20%, 30% of larvae from the total volume of the bottle. Because of the small concentration, this remedy can be given to children, the elderly, and pregnant women. The tincture contains vitamins and minerals, acids, micro and macro elements such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus. Useful properties of tincture of ognevka. Improving blood circulation, increasing hemoglobin, reducing blood cholesterol and glucose levels and preventing thrombosis.Restore the nervous system, especially after a stroke.In infectious diseases, including viral origin.Normalization of metabolic processes.Prevention of scarring after operations and large wounds.Restoration of the gastrointestinal tract.Improving immunity, especially in children and adults who are sick often.Treatment of infertility in men and women.The advantage of tincture of ognevka with a concentration of 10% is that this remedy can be taken for a long time. In the case of severe diseases such as tuberculosis or pneumonia, it is recommended to start treatment with 10% tincture, and after a month move to a higher concentration. Recommended for: Tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs; cardiovascular diseases; diseases of female and male reproductive organs; Recovery from surgeries and injuries; Seasonal viral infections (SARS) and influenza epidemics; Sports, high mental and physical stress; high blood pressure;The need for vascular cleansing;High cholesterol and high blood sugar;Respiratory and respiratory system disorders (bronchitis, sinusitis, chronic cough).
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