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June 20, 2023 at 04:57 PM
June 20, 2023 at 04:57 PM

Cedar oleoresin, 100 gr.

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Cedar oleoresin is cedar resin, which has a pleasant aroma and bright taste. It is often used in folk and traditional medicine because of the useful substances in the composition. Oleoresin can be stored for a long time: it does not dry out, does not harden, does not crystallize and long retains its useful properties. The chemical composition of cedar resin is very rich. This resin and fatty acids, esters, succinic acid, vitamins. Due to its rich composition, oleoresin is a universal remedy and has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. The main useful and therapeutic properties of cedar resin:Antibacterial properties of cedar resin allows its use as an antibiotic and antifungal agent.Positive effects on the circulatory system, including strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improves heart function and normalizes blood pressure.Cleans the blood from toxic and harmful substances.Beneficial effect on the nervous system.Promotes tissue and cartilage regeneration.Eliminates inflammation, including injuries, wounds and ulcers.Used to treat skin conditions, including infections.Helps in the fight against intestinal parasites.Is a preventive agent for the prevention of cancer.Cedar oleoresin is actively used in the Altai for many years. From the healing resin are made therapeutic oil solutions, extracts, solutions that can be used both internally and externally. Recommended for:Diseases of the stomach (ulcers, colitis, gastritis);Intestinal microflora disorders;pneumonia;skin lesions;The prevention of viruses and bacteria in the respiratory tract;The need to increase the overall tone of the body.
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