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June 30, 2023 at 05:18 AM
June 30, 2023 at 05:18 AM

Hemp hat

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DragonWear Ma Hemp Hat is made of 100 % hemp and brings positive changes to the new world. Modern design, great protection, breathability and comfort are just a few words, that can describe its environment friendly origin. Hemp fibers naturally filtrate sun rays and protect us from UV light. The Chinese letter Ma has a special meaning. It presents the letter for hemp. In ancient China “Ma” was the name of deity, residing in hemp. The pictogram depicts female and male plants, hanging upside down to dry in a shed. Ma is the spirit of she who clothes us, she who binds, she who ties it all together. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LETTER MA AND GODDESS MAGU FEATURES One Size Fits All 100 % Hemp with Adjustable Brass Buckle Flat Brim Hemp Hat Ma Hemp Sun Hat is UV Resistant Organic and Sustainable Fabric FABRIC PROPERTIES Composition: 100 % hemp Weight: 430 g/lm Metric fineness number of yarn (m/g): 10/1 Hemp Hat Dyeing: Ecological Dyes CARE INSTRUCTIONS Ma Hemp Hat can be washed at 40° C with mild biodegradable detergent Do not bleach Do not tumble dry Learn more about the advantages of hemp as a textile and hemp benefits for the environment
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