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March 20, 2021, 01:37 AM
March 20, 2021, 01:37 AM

Kaleidoscope with Blue butterflies and flowers roommate gift. Mandala art gift for butterfly lover.

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Handmade product
Kaleidoscope with butterfly art print and flowers on label will be the best 60th birthday gift forbutterfly lover. You can use this roommate gift as fairy or butterfly birthday party decorations, or as gifts to your guests. It is classic kaleidoscope with many pieces of color glass inside which form many bright color patterns. SIZE Length – 11,4 inch. (29 cm.) Diameter – 1,5 inch. (3.8 cm.) CUSTOMIZATION This colorfull toy can be done with any other picture you want, including you own drawings, images and photos. In this case it can be a unique photo gift or great personalized gift for person you like. Kaleidoscope is a source of inspiration. When you see endlessly folding patterns, you realize that the world is unlimited, like human imagination. It helps relieve fatigue of the optic nerve, which is especially important in the modern world of computers and electronics. It also improves the tone of the disease and speeds up the healing process. It will be great educational toy for children or stress relief gift for adults. GIFT WRAPPING It is possible to make gift box from a design cardboard in a color that matches the color of the kaleidoscope More information about gift boxes you will find in the section Additionally the box can be decorated with a mini-card. CARE INSTRUCTIONS The kaleidoscope is made of glass and a mirror, so it can break on impact. Please, handle it carefully and do not drop. IMPORTANT INFORMATION If you order 1-3 pcs of kaleidoscopes I will send it to you in 1-2 working days. But ifyou order more than 3 pcs it can take more time to complete. About 4-5 working days. SHIPPING POLICY: I ship internationally! The order will be sent to your Ballwool address, please make sure it is correct. - Delivery to the U.S. takes 2-5 weeks. - Delivery to Europe takes about 2-3 weeks. But if you need fast delivery you can choose express shipping in shipping variations. Please write me your phone number in this case. QUE
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