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August 27, 2021, 02:03 PM
August 27, 2021, 02:03 PM

40x Glow In Dark Dots Wall Stickers - Luminous Ceiling Sticker Decals - Waterproof Adhesive Glowing Light Fluorescent Circle Decal

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Handmade product
Size is for the diameter of the circle You will get 40 pcs circle stickers in this listing. - Super bright glowing stickers will turn the room into a new world - The wall stickers hold by using a special adhesive film on any smooth surface. - Turn on the light for 30 minutes because stickers need to absorb light before glowing. The longer they absorb light, the longer will be the glowing effect. - Lights up the ceiling or walls at night. White by day, bright glowing at night. - Self-adhesive stickers could be easily peeled and stick to any flat surface & can be removable without damaging the surface. - Imagine how excited your family members will be when they see glowing stickers in a dark in front of their eyes! ---------------------------------- * MADE TO LAST: The light-storing film is made of a material such as an aluminate composed of a rare earth element by a chemical molecular structure and realizes a self-luminous function in a dark place by absorbing ultraviolet light or various visible light (sunlight, light, etc.). With enough light during the day, a green glowing effect lasts 4-6 hours at night. * ECO GLOWING STICKER: photoluminescent decal made of hard plastic, non-toxic, chemically stable, contains no radioactive elements, and is harmless to the human body. It is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow, and longer service life. * EUROPEAN DIN CERTIFICATE: Sticker meets the EU requirements of DIN 67510PI for luminosity. Made from European repositionable vinyl. Easy application with no residue upon removal. We offer two delivery methods: * Standard delivery with tracking number (Delivery time is 8 to 16 business days). Required signature confirmation. The package will be delivered to your door one time, and then it will be stored in the nearest post office for two weeks. * FedEx Priority mail (Delivery time is 2-4 business days). Required signature confirmation. The order will be delivered to your door. FedEx will make three attempts. If they fail, then they will store the pac
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