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March 24, 2021 at 12:03 AM
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Once a week I pamper my hair💚 can be more often, of course, but I do not always find time for myself. And in vain! Balm-mask is applied to the hair for a long time. Keeping on the hair is preferably from 30 minutes. You can sleep with her all night. For what? This is necessary that all the useful components that make up the masks manage to soak into your hair, moisturize it, strengthen, make it stronger ... There are masks that apply to the hair: ☀️ Dry and painted 🔥isil and shine ✨Anty stress (for hair often undergoing drying and curling) ⭐️ Fuck normal hair ⚡️ Fucking the ends And there are those that should be applied more to the scalp: 🌱 stimulating growth 🍂 Out of falling 🌨 with dandruff and oily roots Many masks combine the properties of several types! 1050/200ml
21 July 2023
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