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July 22, 2021 at 11:44 AM
July 22, 2021 at 11:44 AM

Floor vase. Minimalist, tall, decorative colorful vase for aesthetic room décor. Apartment warming gift or housewarming gift first home

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Tall Colorful Floor Vase Decorative vase in the style of minimalism for the aesthetic decor of the room. A wonderful warm gift for an apartment or a housewarming gift for a first home. The base of the vase is a glass vase. Decorated with jute rope of different colors. The height of the vase is 23.6 "= 60cm. The jute docking point is shown in the photo. The docking point is on the back of the vase. In a set for a vase, you can order 5 decorative balls on a long stem. Stem length 39 inches = 100cm. Balls diameter: 3.1 "= 8 cm - 3 pieces 2.1 "= 5.5cm - 2 pieces. You choose the colors of the balls from my list of jute colors that I have and write to me directly. OK? Balls can be of different colors or of the same color. Jute colors: white, black, pink blues, hot pink, red (closer to carrot), burgundy, dark brown, light brown, lilac, purple, mustard, yellow, turquoise, light blue, sea, blue, peach, terracotta, gray, light green, dark green. If you need a different number of balls, please write to direct. The vase in the photo is in stock. I can make a vase in other colors or in one color to order. Production time up to 5 days.
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