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Attracting money and good luck in your life can be implemented using the image of the arches. . From ancient times, the acorns was revered as a symbol of health, masculinity, life, fertility. Acorn is a powerful means of money attracting. Oak is the time of its development, growth attracts very powerful energies contributing to wealth and prosperity. It is believed that this power of oak concentrates in its fruits, which the ripening begin to possess magical forces. But not only the fruits of the oak themselves carry magical power. Images of oak fruits are also attracted to universal forces that increase the status of personality and contribute to the development of positive, aristocratic and spiritual qualities. . Acorch is also the easiest amulet. You can just pick up the wagging and carry it with you to attract energies of prosperity and good luck. The acorn saturates the elderly with energy and makes them noticeably more active, it counteracts diseases, preserves the forces of youth and beauty, eliminates bad habits, and helps even with alcoholism and drug addiction. . The wagger is a powerful talisman and his images should be in every house. In ancient times, due to the fact that the ardor is a symbol of fertility, it was used with infertility in women and many helped a lot. Men also carried the accelerated with them in order to be stronger in every sense of the word. The acorns even swallowed, considering them the sacred fruits of the northern god the Torah protecting gods and people from terrible monsters. The acorns are protected at home from danger, including lightning and fires. To do this, the archers are placed at the door and windows, hung paintings with the image of the arches on the walls of the house, purchase figures and jewelry in the form of stoopers. . . That's how much useful I find out, creating another brooch, and of course I hasten to share knowledge with you) . . . The brooch is made of Japanese beads tono, French metallized gold threads, nat skin, imitation of amber! . Price 3500 rubles.
21 July 2023
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