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March 22, 2021 at 11:28 PM
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Bombber is such cool and stylish clothes for spring! Bombber is again in the trend of this season! Why was designers so loved so much? 🧵 ⠀ Bombber as an element of clothing for pilots came up with Leslie Irwin in 1926. A bomb jacket was sewn from a thick tanned skin, and the lining was made of sheep's fur. In the 30-40s, Bombber became a uniform of American pilots, he was sewn from nylon fabric. It was for American pilots that they came up with a combination of khaki and bright orange flowers in the lining. With the growth of the popularity of bombers, interest in them also appeared among fashion houses. They began to be taken to the catwalks and sew from the most incredible fabrics, add a fur edge! Bombber in a women's wardrobe appeared only in the 21st century, and since 2013, in almost every designer and caduman collection there is a bomber as an indispensable and practical element of clothing. 🧵 ⠀ Our bombers are made of 100% cotton! The most practical and warm elegant spring bombers are waiting for you in our store! Cost from 3150 rubles Dimensions from 86 to 110
21 July 2023
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