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December 22, 2022, 01:49 PM
December 22, 2022, 01:49 PM

Personalized inspiration necklace, I do it according to what you inspire me! Authentic pendant, unique

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Handmade product
I like to create this kind of pendant in custom inspiration! the idea is that I discuss with the person and in the conversation if it comes to me an inspiration according to what the person tells me about him I create or not a jewel, usually a pendant (it is a format that I like), there it is a friend who loves colors, so much so that she directs her energy in order to make it her job, in her approach she combines fashion and spirituality that she explains in pictures with feathers (black feather = concentration stability etc, green feather harmony, balance ...) thinking of her, colors and feathers ... it inspired me to make her this form a little sword because she has strength in her but especially feather, copper and brass brazed with silver, (I chose metals according to the person, copper suits her well both in its color and in its energy, it is in connection with Venus which symbolizes art and relationships! for example iron is related to Mars which in the Romans were considered the god of war, she has strength in her but I do not feel it dominated by this Yang energy, on the other hand the Yin energy that I feel in copper I feel it well in her hence this choice, brass when to her brings a color that she particularly likes (yellow) and which according to her, radiates more than white! That's if you want to make a gift to someone (inspiration comes more easily when it's a gift than when it's a compulsive and selfish purchase, there the little angels don't come and you can drop your order :) do not hesitate to come and talk to me about it, for this kind of process it takes me time, inspiration and custom creation, so that you have an idea of the price of the work it goes in the 150 euros on average and up to two weeks of treatment, if no inspiration comes to me or if the work does not please you I reimburse you the entirety :) Thank you for reading this far!
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