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December 22, 2022, 01:51 PM
December 22, 2022, 01:51 PM

Ear Cure or Oriculi, Handmade Copper Escurette Bactericidal Materials Active

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Handmade product
This small rod with a curved tip is used to clean the ears in a healthy and ecological way! Indeed cotton swabs tend to make wax plugs in your ears in addition to being single-use so very polluting, this small stem of ounce centimeters, it, just scratches and removes the excess wax that you have in excess without damaging your ears! moreover copper being bactericidal personally I do not care about its introduction into my ears and it is now two years that I use it without problems. I invite you to look at the variants on my shop, and if you want a random or different one from those represented order on the product sheet where there are three. I am an itinerant craftsman, I travel while living from what I create on the way and I imagined this ecological and especially economical solution (you keep one and it's for life) by walking on a beach polluted with all kinds of waste with for those who came back most often, our famous single-use cotton swabs! I am not the only one to have thought of this solution I invite you to do your research, the different names of the title of the product sheet will lead you to people who make objects of the same principle but on the chain. What I propose to you is handmade, old-fashioned with the time and attention devoted to each of the objects I create and each of them are unique you will never have two identical because it is my signature craftsman, in my eyes some defects bring beauty to our world, with the industry the really unique things are lost and I find it a pity, the objects created are perfect, it's weird to say but I have the impression that they are not alive, when there are small imperfections, differences we can feel a story behind, we can imagine the life of this object! This is what I seek to assert when I do something with my hands...
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