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December 22, 2022, 01:54 PM
December 22, 2022, 01:54 PM

Ashtray in Brass, tinplate, Bronze unique piece melted in my workshop. Spit out cores

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Handmade product
Here is a brass and tinplate receptacle that can serve as an ashtray as a pitting pit during your family aperitifs! Fade into my workshop whose intimate motto is learning-wise through resilience! To quote Master Yoda "the best master is failure" and I like to say that I graduated, because the texture effect that this piece took I had not anticipated at all! I did a first test with the equipment I gathered to make foundry parts at home and reproduce what I had learned in a metallurgy company I make my wooden model, I mold it in my carefully dosed mixture of clay and sand, I pour the molten brass and it starts to bubble! These famous hollow effects that there are on the entire surface of the room ... To bind the sand and clay the founders moisten their mixture, except that they let it dry before pouring their piece directly into it ... I don't... at least not this time:) The moisture present in the sand created bubbles in the fiery metal! the fight of water against the crystallized fire in matter!! That's what I love about my adventures in the heart of matter! There are always surprises! And where many would see it as a failure it is possible to see beauty that for some wise is only the result of the true, and the true has nothing to hide ...
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