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I welcome everyone to Natalia Kaminskaya’s store. My name is Natalya. I'm drawing. I paint landscapes, still lifes, architectural and natural landscapes. In my work I use: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, gouache. I create my works on canvas, pastel paper and watercolor paper. Art for me is a tool to stimulate a feeling of admiration. It helps expand your perception of the world around you. Incorporating art into everyday life leads to a happier and healthier life, and to the realization that we are part of something bigger. I try to convey these emotions to the guys who come to my art studio. Children come to the Black Sea coast from all over the world. And I see that creativity unites peoples and nations. This is very impressive. Communication with children, the majestic nature and landscape of Georgia, all this provides inspiration for creativity. Beauty is something familiar. When we look at art that matches our worldview, we see beauty. I hope that when you look at my works you will see the beauty in