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❂ This beautiful pure copper bracelet by WIREWRAPART jewelry makes the perfect 7th or 22nd Anniversary gift.

❂ This unique copper wire wrapped bracelet is a timeless addition to any jewelry collection and is sure to be treasured by your loved one.

❂ Crafted with high-quality copper wire, this bracelet is durable and long-lasting. This one, like any bracelet from my store, is one of a kind.

❂ This handcrafted copper wire bracelet features an antique style design, carefully crafted with intricate copper wire wrapping techniques.

❂ The warm tones of copper will beautifully complement any skin tone, making this bracelet a versatile and timeless accessory.

❂ Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this wearable art piece will make a statement wherever you go.

❂ The copper bracelet is a functional solution for pain relief. This bracelet is a must-have for anyone seeking a natural approach to managing pain.

❂ The antimagnetic properties of this copper bracelet are designed to block harmful EMF waves, reducing exposure to potentially harmful radiation. Copper wire wrapped bracelet

❂ The bracelet is made of pure copper wire. The copper is artificially aged with patination, which gives an antique look and makes the details of the bracelet more expressive. After patination, the bracelet was polished to a shine, which gives a beautiful aesthetic appearance to the bracelet. The bracelet is covered with a protective varnish to prevent darkening.
You will receive the exact bracelet you see in the photos.
The bracelet can be combined with any wardrobe and emphasize your uniqueness and style.
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