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September 01, 2022, 10:14 AM
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Znanie-Syla Soviet Magazine Knowledge is Power Russian Vintage Magazine 1965

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The magazine "Znanie-Syla" was founded in January 1926 as a "Monthly popular science and adventure magazine for teenagers". At that time, he saw his primary task in the natural science and technical education of schoolchildren - as well as in making them generally interested in the idea of ​​knowledge and practical mastering of nature. After the appearance of the magazine "Young Naturalist" in 1928, which took on the dissemination of knowledge about living nature, all other sciences remained under the control of "Knowledge-Power". These were mainly natural and technical sciences. # 1965 6 Size 310x250mm 48 pages Publishing house "Higher School" Moscow 1965 Good condition, all pages are intact, there are small traces of time Other magazines and posters of the Soviet era§ion_id=31389052
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