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December 21, 2022, 04:02 AM
December 21, 2022, 04:02 AM

Wood Floating Shelves 16-inches Deep | Rustic Shelf | Farmhouse Shelf | Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf | Handmade Shelf | Wood Wall Shelf

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Handmade product
!PRICING IS PER PINE WOOD SHELF! This beautiful floating wood shelf is the perfect shelving unit designed to work with any theme your décor is going for, making them completely harmonious. The shelves are easy to install and made of strong top quality wood which we paint and finish according to your preference. Our wood floating shelves are sure to make a welcome addition to your home! ****PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BELOW. MOST QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. **** Default Dimension: Length (Width): Please select from the dropdown box. Depth: 40.5 cm (16-inches) Height (thickness): 10 cm (4-inches) Default Wood Stain: Early American PRICING IS PER SHELF. How many shelves do I get in the order and what is included? This order comes with one shelf. Each shelf will come with mounting brackets, screws, and instructions. The mounting bracket is pictured here: What are the standard dimensions of the shelf and can it be customized? The length is chosen in the dropdown box on the listing. Dimensions can be customized in half increments only. If you do not see a size listed, please purchase the next highest available and then add a note in the order to cut down the shelf. The depth of this listing is 16 inches deep, and it can go down to 4 inches deep. Please just write a note in the order form. The height is a standard size of 4 inches, but we can go down to 3 inches. We can also make the height larger for an additional fee. We are not liable if you forget to add a note in your order. Do shelves depth come in different sizes, smaller or deeper? Yes, they do! **For our wood floating shelf that is 8 inches deep click here: **For our wood floating shelf that is 10 inches deep click here: **For our wood floating shelf that is 12 inches deep click here: https://www.ballwool.c
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