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December 14, 2022, 03:35 PM
December 14, 2022, 03:35 PM

Wooden Toilet Roll Stand | Toilet Paper Holder | Washroom Toilet Paper | Bathroom Storage | Toilet Paper Storage

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Handmade product
Made from Recycled wood, this is upcycling at its finest! Our new handmade toilet roll stand is a simple and durable design meant to add class to your washroom. The iirntree toilet roll stand comes in multiple stains to match your home decor. You're bound to get tons of compliments after placing it in your own home! This would make a cute and practical gift for a lover or loved one! ****PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BELOW. MOST QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. **** Default Dimension: Length (Width): 16-inches Depth: 6-inches Height (thickness): 26-inches Pipe: Black Carbon Steel Wood Stain: Please select from the drop-down list PRICING IS PER TOILET ROLL STAND. Can the toiled roll stand dimensions be customized? Absolutely! Dimensions can be customized in half increments only. Message us for more details. Is the toilet roll stand made from solid or composite wood? The toilet roll stand are made from solid western white pine wood and assembled with butt joints. Are their nails on the exterior of the toilet roll stand? Yes, there are nails on the exterior of the toilet roll stand that is visible and not covered unless specified in the order. What is the unfinished option? The unfinished option is a toilet roll stand that is not stained and not refined like our other stain options. This means that there could be wood filler not sanded done all the way, glue residue, and less sanding than a regularly stained toilet roll stand. This option is meant for you to finish off the toilet roll stand how you wish for it to be finished off or just keep it natural. Thank you for coming this far in the description. We really appreciate that you took the time to read the details of this item! Message us if you have any further questions not answered! Damaged Orders: We will replace your damaged order upon receiving pictures of the outer box, inner box, and pictures of the damage to your order within 21 days from the time of delivery. After 21 days, we cannot make a claim with UPS, Canada Post or USPS and it is under our d
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