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December 09, 2022, 03:00 PM
December 09, 2022, 03:00 PM

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**PRICING IS PER PINE WOOD PET SHELF** This beautiful floating pet food wooden shelf is the perfect shelving unit designed to work with your décor's theme, making them completely harmonious. The shelves are easy to install and made of strong top quality wood, which we stain and finish according to your preference. Our wood floating shelves are sure to make a welcome addition to your home, and your beloved pet will love them! ****PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BELOW. MOST QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. **** Default Dimension: Length (Width): 53.5 cm (21-inches) Depth: 25.5 cm (10-inches) Height (thickness): 10 cm (4-inches) Default Wood Stain: Please select from the drop-down menu PRICING IS PER SHELF. How many shelves do I get in the order, and what is included? This order comes with one shelf and two food bowls. Each shelf will come with mounting brackets, screws, and instructions. The mounting bracket is pictured here: We are not liable if you forget to add a note in your order. Mounted wall feeding stand features two separate bowls, which help to reduce strain on the dog's, cat's neck, spine and hips, all while supporting healthy digestion. Floating pet stand, including two stainless steel bowls. It's good for your pet's hygiene. The most important thing - bowls perfectly fit a dog's or cat's food portion. Is the floating pet bowls made from solid or composite wood? The floating pet bowls are made from solid western white pine wood and assembled with butt joints. Are their nails on the exterior of the floating pet bowls? Yes, there are nails on the exterior of the floating pet bowls that is visible and not covered unless specified in the order. What is the unfinished option? The unfinished option is a floating pet bowl that is not stained and not refined like our other stain options. This means that there could be wood filler not sanded done all the way, glue residue, and less sanding than a regularly stained floatin
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