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October 30, 2022, 09:55 PM
October 30, 2022, 09:55 PM

Esseno Spice Rack | Solid Wood Spice Rack | Kitchen Organizer | Utensil Hanger | Hanging Spice Rack | Rustic Wood Spice Rack |Farmhouse Rack

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The Esseno Spice Rack is an amazing gift for the head of the kitchen to add as a new improvement! Help Spice things up! ****PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BELOW. MOST QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED**** *** PRICING IS PER SPICE RACK *** The grain and coloring of the wood will vary. We do use pine wood and we try to make each of our products unique, with interesting knots in the wood, and the wood grain showing through the stain! You will receive the same style piece but take note piece might not match the photo identically for grain and color. Reclaimed wood does not have regularity straightness of new wood and the finish may be distressed. Dimension: Length (Width): 24 inches Depth: 6 inches Left Height (thickness): 35 inches Right Height: 40 inches Width of Paper Towel Holder & Additional Storage Space: 12 inches each Wood Stain: **Please select from the dropdown box** Pipe Paint: **NOT PAINTED** SPICE RACK DOES NOT COME WITH PRODUCTS! - How much weight can an Esseno Spice Rack hold? -- The Spice Rack is not tested to hold a specific amount of weight; however, they are built extremely sturdy. - Is the Esseno Spice Rack made from solid or composite wood? - The Esseno Spice Racks are made from solid western white pine wood. - What is the unfinished option? - The unfinished option is an Esseno Spice Rack that is not stained and not refined like our other stain options. This means that there could be wood filler not sanded done all the way, glue residue, and less sanding than a regularly stained Esseno Spice Rack. This option is meant for you to finish off the waste-bin how you wish for it to be finished off or just keep it natural. Thank you for coming this far in the description, we really appreciate that you took the time to read the details of this item! Message us if you have any further questions not answered! Damaged Orders: We will replace your damaged order upon receiving pictures of the outer box, inner box, and pictures of the damage of your order within 21 days from the time of delivery. After 2
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