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G string's. Man G string.

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Handmade product
Sky Blue swimwear men's mesh mini bikini thong with side strands. Mesh mini bikini is woven from hypoallergenic Turkish cotton threads. Homemade. These sky blue panties come in sizes L, M. It's also a great gift for any occasion. Lace-up mesh side panties will impress those around you on the beach. After all, they are so transparent and playful on the sides with ties. These thongs can be worn as comfortable underwear, to the pool, to the beach. I am sure he will be delighted and leave only positive impressions of these mesh thongs. Weaving with my hands is not China! Made in 1 quantity on the planet. And ready to ship. Color may vary depending on monitor settings. Handmade and designed by Olga. Can be washed at 40 degrees. I will be glad to answer all your questions. More beautiful thong/panty in the link:§ion_id=36792973 !!!!! Surprise your partner!!!!!! Order this gift. My store has a large selection of underwear, panties, beach shorts. Choose for yourself and your loved ones. I can send several pieces in one package. If you like mesh mini bikini panties - sky buy them, send them to the basket. If you like it and want to buy a mini bikini mesh later - give your heart.
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