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Embroidery brooch heart and golden embroidered beaded heart pin brooch Embroidered gifts embroidered jewelry Embroidered pins

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Stand with Ukraine! Buy embroidered golden and pink heart brooch made of flower sequins and golden rhinestone crystal chain. Complement for any woman or girl, great gift emphasizing your personality, Ready to sell and duplication, on a magnet or pin. ✨✨✨✨DETAIL✨✨✨✨ Embroidered pink and golden flower heart brooch color- pink, yellow 💛 Golden Measurements- 6.5 x5.5 cm ( 2.56 х 1.57 дюймов) Reserve side- pink leather safety clasp golden metal brooch if you want a brooch of a different color or size please write me. All work is made especially for you with love Thank you for visit! NOTE 👍: The real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your monitor , as it depends on your monitor settings and is not under our control. I try to take photos without color correction for the maximum naturalness of the finished product ✨✨✨Please let me know if you would like this design to others (change the size, color), I will be happy to develop something special just for you! Custom orders are welcome on this part.✨✨✨ *********************************************** Delivery time to Europe - 5-10 days Delivery in the USA 10-21 days Delivery time to Australia is 14 - 29 days (taxes included - the package is sent with a mention of the gift) Thanks for visiting my store! I'm glad to do something unique for you!
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