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February 24, 2023 at 10:44 PM
February 24, 2023 at 10:44 PM

KRAFT FLAT BOTTOM Bag, Resealable Zippper Locked bag Mylar Foil Metalized Bag Stand up Coffee Pouch storage Bag Glossy bag, high quality bag

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!! KRAFT QUADRO FLAT BOTTOM PACKAGES ZIPPER FROM SIDE !! Best Quality Best Price.. Thats mean ''ecopack'' package solution. ATTENTION to BELOW ! Set Of: 100 pack/bag will be dispatched by us through 10x25cm size of our pouches 80 pack/bag will be dispatched by us through 11x29cm size of our pouches 50 pack/bag will be dispatched by us through 14x37cm size of our pouches ☑ Check our WHOLESALE of section for more count of these pouches ! ☑ Check our listing to glance other colour of pouches ! Weight Information: Size 1: 13,2 gr Size 2: 16,5 gr Size 3: 25,5 gr YOU HAVE TO APPLY 'PROCESS OF HEAT SEALABLE' TO THIS PRODUCT AFTER YOU PUT YOUR PRODUCTS IN IT. After the sealing process is done on the top of the packages, it provides the convenience of taking your products out of the packages more easily with the Side Zip feature. To open package just pull rip zip and to close just press zipper to conserve and use of your products. Kraft Quadro Flat Bottom Packaging with its 3-layer structure protects the product against factors such as air, moisture and light and ensures a long shelf life. It is a brand new packaging that has taken the good sides of both the doypak bag and the side gusset-quadro bag. It is easy to top and fill as well as doypak. Its main body completely fills the shelf like a gusseted bag and presents the product image to the consumer. It takes you a few steps ahead of your competitors in purchasing decisions made within seconds in the markets. Materials: Metalized and Kraft paper Micron: 90-110 Color: Kraft Inner : Aluminum Metalized Glossy: Yes Durable: Yes Fit For: All Types Of Spices, Salts, Cookies, Nuts, Or Other Confectionary Items Zipper: From Side. SPECIALTY AND KEYNOTES: ☑Made of a premium quality and non-toxic material ☑Safe and elegant option to package your spices, salts, nuts or other confectionary items ☑The quick release zipper adds more functionality ☑Durable polyethylene materials
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