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June 20, 2023 at 04:57 PM
June 20, 2023 at 04:57 PM

Badger fat

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Altai badger fat is especially appreciated by connoisseurs of folk medicine. And it is not surprising - Altai Krai and the Republic of Altai are unique in terms of their ecology and richness of plant and animal foods. On the quality of the latter directly depends a variety of useful substances and trace elements, which will be contained in the fat. In Altai there are many rare and useful plants (including red-listed ones): doddering peony, red root, angelica, maral, Kuril tea, and others. Rich in medicinal substances, becoming the badger's food, they qualitatively improve both the health of the animal and the products of hunting, including badger fat. Badger are omnivores, so a healthy animal food also affects the value of the fat. Few large industrial enterprises, the presence of remote areas untouched by civilization make Altai air clean, and many water bodies remain unpolluted. Animals living in such conditions remain healthy throughout their lives, so Altai is an ideal habitat for such a fastidious animal as badger. We are located in Altai Krai, so we have the opportunity to control the whole cycle of badger fat extraction and processing. Recommended for: Respiratory system diseases (bronchitis, sinusitis, chronic cough, pneumonia, tuberculosis);Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;Viral diseases (sore throat, colds, flu, maxillary sinusitis, runny nose);Problems in the central nervous system (depression, insomnia, fatigue);diseases of the skin (open wounds, infections, burns, frostbite, dermatitis, eczema);disorders of the immune and musculoskeletal systems.Storage conditions: store in a dry place out of reach of children at temperatures from 0 to +5 ° C. Shelf life: 2 years. It is not a medicine and dietary supplements, consult a doctor before use.
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