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August 06, 2021 at 08:00 AM
August 06, 2021 at 08:00 AM

Light Drawing Board For Kids - The Glow In Dark Neon Effect Draw Pad Tablet - Fun Magic Developing Toy With Led Sketch Lightboard Gift

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A4 size - 8 x 12 inches (21 x 30 cm) A3 size - 12 x 16,5 inches (30 x 42 cm) * Develops the imagination - The child will develop the artistic skills and pick up the creative thinking * No getting dirty - The children will be able to draw and write without making themselves or surrounding items dirty * Defeat the fear of darkness - Playing with the set helps defeat the fear of darkness because the action takes place when the lights are out * Creating your own world - The children get involved in a stunning story they create by themselves ------------------------------------------------- * Great gift: Adventure of the Glowworm is an interactive game for children from 4 to 12 years old. The set is designed for drawing and informal education of the child. Using innovative technology and a special flashlight, the child will be able to draw with light. Within 20 minutes, the drawings miraculously glow in the dark. The set includes a special flashlight, a tablet, and three stencils with heroes. * Alternative to gadgets: Putting a phone in your child's hands, you immediately deprive him of creative thinking. It is already difficult for him to create images that do not appear on the screen in front of him. Our kits can be compared to reading. It’s bedtime stories, not the TV, that help develop a child’s imagination. * non-formal learning: learn with your child in a gambling manner. Use the set to spell or solve math problems. With the help of imagination, stencils, or improvised objects, you can create interesting drawings and images * Exciting Story: We created unique characters to make the child even more interesting. A fascinating story will take the kid into the world of heroes. Fantastic images will help grab all his attention, and you can devote the evening to your business. Set include: - Lightboard - Neon light pen - 3x playing character wooden pads. - This drawing board designed for kids and their parents helps them explore their creativity and develop writing or drawing skills. - This set will help your ch
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