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March 25, 2021 at 01:37 AM
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How do I come up with a pattern of brooches?. I will tell you an artist from me, I don’t feel so (😩 I can draw one to one, but to draw it myself - I can’t! Therefore, I usually watch pictures on the Internet - I request in the search engine what I need, and I am looking for in the drawings, in sketches) This is a flower (a field -fella or pink sowing) - found accidentally and immediately inspired to embroider it) - it looks like a burdock, but a burdock has a completely different leaf) . For me, a very big problem is to draw a sketch of brooches! Because, I usually decide what materials to apply in brooches already at the embroidery stage! Moreover, even the color can change in the process (for example, I conceived this brooch with a pink flower). . Bodyk Bodyak is embroidered with a gimmer, Czech charlotte 15 size, fluff - natural fur), the edge is sheathed with Japanese beads tone 15 size! On the wrong side is genuine leather and a Japanese pin with a rotary mechanism) Price 3500 rubles
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