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March 27, 2021 at 08:55 PM
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Do you have a parrot? I have parrots all my life! 2 of them flew away 😭, 1 went to the rainbow, and for 6 years Zakoshka Kesha has been living for 6 years. The sounds of the tropical forest all the time, and not to be frail, sometimes, if you stand nearby, the ear stalls for a few seconds! 🙈 But we are so accustomed to his screams that sometimes we do not notice! They took Koshka with a perfect savage, as he was gnawing 🙈, there was no injuries! Until they advised him to bathe, and then wrap it in a towel, hold and iron! And really wet and wrapped, he does not resist at all, and the process of bathing loves very much! After such procedures, he became manual and stopped baking! 😁 He says a lot of words, copys the cat and teases Sonya when she yells. . The price is 3500 rubles
21 July 2023
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