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Aspiring self-taught artist Iris Buton (Irina Butenko) is passionate about art. It is her hobby, job, and a part of her life. A few years ago, she dedicated herself to drawing and has been continuously improving and refining her skills since then. She enjoys painting the world in various colors and wants to share her love and positive energy with the world. Her paintings are always filled with her positive energy, as she creates them in a state of inspiration and pure enthusiasm. Iris finds inspiration and energy for her artwork by meditating and observing the world around her. Sometimes, subjects simply ask to be painted on canvas. Currently, she is working on a series of oil paintings titled "Sea Sky ps" creating a fantastic world with numerous characters and plots. In her paintings, she aims to make sense of her work, and she truly appreciates it when the audience discovers something she has not explicitly conveyed. It means they are on the same wavelength, connecting through the artwork. Oil paintings, watercolor, canvas artwork, seascapes, animal art, fantasy fine art, underwater, floral artwork