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December 04, 2022, 08:23 AM
December 04, 2022, 08:23 AM

Vintage Rubber Toy Soviet Toy Wolf from the cartoon Wait for him Nu Pogodi Favorite Cartoon Characters of Soviet Children

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Rubber toy from the USSR of the 70s. Cartoon Wolf Just Wait. The most favorite character of Soviet children. Good cosmetic condition. No dirt Link to cartoon The wolf is a kind of stylish and strong villain, a rarity for Soviet animation. The main occupation is the hunt for the Hare, which always breaks out of its paws. Moreover, this hunt, apparently, solely for the love of art. He does not part with style even when, thanks to his own bad luck (here you can’t say “stupidity” - the Wolf is too brilliant), once again plotting some kind of dirty trick against the Hare, he invariably gets into a mess, remaining in shorts (or deprived any transport). He looks like the overseas Tom, but is not sadistic, but much more arrogant and brutal (largely thanks to the voice acting of Anatoly Papanov). Needless to say, that, despite his "negative", it was the Wolf who won the sympathy and recognition of the public. Despite being rude, he is able to show civilization, courtesy, and what is not, other than culture. The wolf does not want the Hare to die soon, but rather, on the contrary, often helps him get out of trouble or his own trap. Height: 230 millimeters Width: 90 millimeters Depth: 120 millimeters
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