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BEST SELLER Cuss Words/Names Custom Personalized Glitter Pens

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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $35+ Don't see a glitter or phrase you love? Message me as I have a LOT more that aren't listed. :) So many options! You can choose from the drop-down or send me a message! 🖤Please know that every single pen is created and made from my hands. I sand, I cut, I shave, I touch every single one of these pens to make them as flawless as I can. I typically can get them done quicker than my TAT but sometimes certain glitters take a little extra patience. 🖤 --------Customization Options----------- ♥ Rory's Custom Mix - This will be my son mixing glitter and having fun. Anything goes! I love to get him as involved as I can :) ♥ Ombre choices: Ombres come with black glitter on the bottom and your choice on top. You are more than welcome to message me saying what two colors you want! ♥ **Please note that the Purple Ombre has "shattered glass" glitter. The pen may have some smooth bumps but I promise it's been sanded down and thoroughly inspected by myself. I wouldn't send it out if it wasn't damn near perfect! ♥ Solid glitter colors ♥ FYI - The pen phrases without spaces actually DO have spaces. ballwool wouldn't let me fit it in. *facepalm* ♥ Phrase - Please double check the spelling ♥ Vinyl Color - Typically Black or White depending on the design. Creative liberty will be taken if nothing is written in the customization box. :) I promise though, it will look great! --------Pen Refills----------- Refill for 0.7mm (medium) Paper Mate Inkjoy Pen brand. This is a gel refill that dries 3x faster than any normal gel pen with no smudges. ♥ When your ink runs out, unscrew the pen tip and replace the ink pen cartridge keeping the spring and replacing it with a new gel pen refill. ♥ ♥ Important! Keep the springs from your other pens. You will need that for the refills to work properly. We are not responsible for lost or damaged springs and we do not offer them. ♥ The custom pens make the perfect gift for anyone! Mix & Match Glitters! These pens
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