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March 04, 2021, 02:05 AM
March 04, 2021, 02:05 AM

Fine Art Print Masked Turmoil

Category: Art
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Handmade product
Lovingly created, high quality print of an original art made by me. Each print is unique because it is retouched by hand to give it the feel of an original art. Year 2020 has been very surreal and tough. Lots of upheavals and stress. Many people have struggled with their mental health. They plough through their daily tasks, but even mundane chores seem challenging. Its a tough, long arduous path for many... On the surface the person is happy. But happiness is like a candle. Its flame reveals a smiling superficial face... but it flickers uncertainly and illuminates the sorrow and pain hidden deep inside. It also discloses a heart that is shattered and weary. And like a candle, this flickering fleeting happiness will burn out, diminishing each day. And one day, there will only be darkness hiding the pain in its embrace. Till a new candle of happiness is lit again... and the cycle continues. But pain is real, the obstacles are real and this art is dedicated to all those fighting with various issues this year, all those trying to keep a smile on while they break inside. All those being brave in spite of the pain. This art is dedicated to all of us fighting through 2020. Pricing for the original is available upon request.
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