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September 03, 2021 at 07:20 PM
September 03, 2021 at 07:20 PM

Fine Art Print Krishna Love

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Handmade product
Lovingly created, high quality print of an original art made by me. Each print is unique because it is retouched by hand to give it the feel of an original art. This art is about the love between the adorable Hindu God Krishna, Radha and his devotees. There is nothing purer than that bond and love. When Krishna is in your heart, there is love all around. There is music and dancing and happiness. His melodious flute entrances everyone and brings peace all around. The saying in the painting says " Our hearts are bound together, Krishna's lover Radha; Radha's lover Krishna, play the flute and lets dance... Radha Krishna, Radha Krishna, Radha Krishna..." Pricing for the original is available upon request.
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