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June 20, 2023 at 03:51 PM
June 20, 2023 at 03:51 PM

Super teke epimedium paste

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Epimedium Paste SUPER TEKE 🍀It is a set of extractions from various herbs that stimulate the production of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. It has a pronounced aphrodisiac effect: improves potency and increases sexual sensitivity. 🍀Composition  • epimedium extract (goryanka, colorless);  • royal milk, dried by lyophilization technology, which ensures the preservation of the original properties; • powder from dried fruits of carob (carob tree);  • red, Siberian and American ginseng;  •cinnamon;  •ginger;  • powder from cola leaves;  • honey and bee pollen;  • an extract from the leaves of ginkgo bilova  • galangal root;  • glucose syrup;  •vanillin. ❗️ Pasta has proven itself well for sexual problems. Stimulation of testosterone in men improves potency, prevents the development of diseases of the genitourinary system and increases the activity of spermatozoa. Impotence, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, hemorrhoids - the use of Super teke paste provides effective prevention and treatment of these diseases. ❗️ In women who regularly use epimedium paste, the menstrual cycle normalizes and sexual sensitivity increases. The remedy helps to eliminate disturbances in the functioning of the ovaries, cope with the hypofunction of the gonads and overcome infertility caused by the estrogen factor. 📍 strengthen immunity and improve overall well-being; 📍 recover faster after illness;  📍 cope with stress, chronic fatigue and neurotic disorders; 📍 Saturate the body with vitamins and useful microelements.
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