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June 20, 2023 at 03:51 PM
June 20, 2023 at 03:51 PM

Women's oil (for infertility and female diseases)

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This oil for women is used in the following cases: Ovulation disorder Fallopian tube obstruction Cervical erosion Cystitis Infertility Myoma Menstrual irregularities, other related problems Infectious diseases COMPOUND: Honey Olive oil Hilba oil Kyst al Hindi oil Black cumin oil. Each of the components of the oil has useful properties and performs its great work in the process of treating the body. Honey, rich in vitamins A, B9 and E, helps to improve the menstrual cycle, increases the chances of getting pregnant, reduces the risk of cancer of the mammary glands and ovaries. Hilba oil helps relieve pain during menstruation, increases sexual desire, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin oil restores hormonal levels, weakens the manifestations of PMS, delays the onset of menopause. Olive oil relieves inflammation, has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, and prolongs youth. Kyst Al Hindi is a disinfectant and helps fight infertility. APPLICATION: Shake the bottle of oil before use. Dip the swab in the oil for 5 minutes, enter at night until the morning - 10 days, break - 5 days and again in the same way - 10 days. Intermittent course - 1 month.
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