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December 22, 2022, 01:52 PM
December 22, 2022, 01:52 PM

The Full Black, Rough knife without handle of French craftsmanship forged in the old, Original, Unique, Artistic

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Handmade product
Forged the old-fashioned way, with a hammer and sweat impregnated with the soot of coal! This blade was made of high-carbon steel heated to red and then cooled in oil. this process is used to harden the steel in order to have a blade that does not easily lose its cutting edge What appeals to me the most when I create are the different textures, what they do to the touch and the visual, that's why on this blade to look and touch from all angles you will find raw sides and others refined, usually I make a white side in mirror polish and another matte black as you can see on my shop, But there I wanted to do both sides black! The black appearance I got by leaving the knife for two days in a mixture of coffee and salt! indeed coffee has the effect of blackening ferrous metals (except stainless steel) it is for that I do not drink it besides xD since we have iron in our blood for the proper functioning of our body and that I see what coffee does to my blades is quickly seen but I get lost ... The knife itself is deliberately thick, its weight is pleasant to the touch, you really feel the material! As for maintenance, be sure to regularly cut your sausage with ;) it will have the effect of greasing it which will prevent it from rusting! Feel free to ask me if you want any particular changes (if you want it all-black or both sides polished for example) Classic dimensions about 16 cm by 2 cm (the one on the pictures measures 23 cm it is an order of which I took the pictures to add an additional product sheet to the shop
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