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December 22, 2022, 01:54 PM
December 22, 2022, 01:54 PM

Custom creation, Knife with a marble handle in which a bear is carved, damask feather blade MadeInLucassy

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Handmade product
This is an object that I made for someone who particularly touched me, the photos are on my shop to show what I can do and tell you that you can also order me objects of this kind. The handle is made of marble, marble for which I went on an adventure to look for precisely this type of rock in a quarry abandoned since the middle of the last century, it was a hell of an adventure to find it because being old it was not referenced on google maps, I only relied on rumors and whispers of my heart (or intuition if you prefer) to find it! In this quarry there was marble of all colors! White, black, green, orange that pulls on yellow it was absolutely beautiful, I had the impression of meeting the emotions of the mountain! The blade unfortunately at the time I write these words I am 21 years old and little material, I do not yet have the equipment to forge the damask in feather pattern I then bought the steel from a blacksmith and I then worked it to give it this shape If you want me to create an object of this kind come and contact me, tell me about your project and we see together what is feasible or not, the price here is the price for which I would have agreed to make this object and to part with it to give it to the buyer (yes because to spend so much time and love on an object like this becomes my baby a little later I don't want to let it go anymore hihi) But here I can carve the metal, the stone the wood the sausage too! (truthful I have already carved a hand out of sausage, I have never worked so cleanly, the shavings landed in my belly:) In short, many things are possible:)
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